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Black roses delivery in Namibia

Black roses delivery from Cyber-Florist. Order delivery online in Namibia!

Black roses are very rare. They are custom made by dying white roses with black ink. Pretty much the same as blue roses are.

Black, Blue and Rainbow roses are all custom made by dyeing. They look spectacular, but dyeing make them "live" less then fresh original ones.

Black roses will last less then white, but they still are more desired then any other roses.

Cyber Florist offers delivery of black roses in Namibia and worldwide. Place your order along with delivery address and instructions and we will take care of it.

You can also choose a glass vase, a cake or a plush toy as additional option for Black Roses bouquet.

Cyber Florist also provides delivery moment picture feature for free. Ask for delivery photo when placing your order online.

Please mind that black roses are usually not "in-stock-flower" so it may take longer time to process your delivery. Try to place your order in advance.

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