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Huge Teddy Bear delivery in Namibia


Order Huge teddy bear with delivery in Namibia with Cyber-Florist!

Do you want to really surprise and impress a girl? - try giving her a teddy bear as tall as her!

Big teddy bear is a gift that cannot be forgotten.

You can buy a large teddy bear with delivery in Namibia in three color options:

  • - white big teddy bear
  • - beige big teddy bear
  • - brown big toy bear

and three sizes as well! Which is very convenient - you can choose exactly the bear that you need:

  • - 120 cm
  • - 160 cm
  • - 200 cm

Want to know how much a big teddy bear costs - the price depends on the city of delivery and the size of the bear. Therefore, choose a city and check the price of a large teddy bear, which will be relevant for delivery to your recipient.

If you are still undecided - whether you want to Buy a big teddy bear as a gift or not - see our delivery photos. You will definitely find there pictures of the delivery of huge bears - believe me, it looks very impressive.

By the way, if you decide to order the delivery of a huge teddy bear to Cyber ​​Florist, you can get a delivery photo for free. You just need to tick the box when placing your order.

If you still have questions - ask our 24/7 customer support service - 8 800 333 4924!

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